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Reasons To Consider Bulletproof Glass Installation For Your Commercial Property

Is your business located on a busy street or otherwise feeling a bit exposed given its location? Do you want to provide customers and employees with more peace of mind inside your building? There are a variety of reasons why you might want to look into commercial property bulletproof glass installation by an expert near you. 

Your Business Is in a High-Risk Area

Is your business located in an area where there have been armed robberies or other violent incidents in the past? If so, you might need to take some extra steps to ensure your property remains properly secured. Bulletproof glass could keep a robber from shooting their way into the building. Bulletproof glass is also strong enough to stop almost any other attempt to break in. After all, if it can stop a bullet, it will certainly stop someone's fist as well.

Is your business located on a busy street where cars are flying by? In the event that a car goes up the curb and makes an impact with your business, bulletproof glass may at least somewhat help stop the force of the car. Even slowing the car down a little bit may help protect the people inside by giving them more time to react to the situation.

Put Employee Minds at Ease

If you know you are in a dangerous area, your employees will likely know this too. Putting employees behind bulletproof glass can go a long way toward keeping them protected while on the job. That will provide your employees with peace of mind and allow them to stay focused.

Comply With Industry Regulations

Certain industries may actually require the installation of bulletproof glass for certain parts of your building. A financial institution, for example, may be required to protect its bank tellers in some areas, just as one example.

A Commitment to Safety Improves Your Brand

You could also openly advertise right on the glass that it is bulletproof. This will act as a deterrent against criminals so that a violent incident hopefully never takes place. But advertising this fact will also go a long way toward showing your company's serious nature and commitment to keeping people safe inside your building.

Reduce Your Insurance Premium

If your business is in a high-risk area, chances are your insurance premium could be higher than usual. But if you install bulletproof glass and let your insurance company know about it, you might be eligible for a reduction in your premium.

Contact a local bulletproof glass installation service, such as Wholesale Glass & Mirror Company, to learn more.