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4 Signs It's Time For Residential Window Glass Repair

Windows keep you secure and help control the temperature in your home. For these reasons, they should be in good condition all the time. If your windows are leaky, foggy, broken, or have cracks or other problems, you should consider repairing them.  

If you experience the following, it's time to call a residential window glass repair professional. 

1. Your Energy Bills Have Gone Higher

Damaged windows make your home energy inefficient. Cracks and failing seals allow heat to enter your home and cold air to get out during summer. In winter, they let in cold air and allow hot air out of your home. 

When that happens, your HVAC will work harder than usual, thus using more energy. Consequently, you will incur higher energy bills. An overworking HVAC is also highly likely to develop problems that add to the financial burden. You'll have to pay for repair or replacement costs when it malfunctions. 

Seek glass window repair services to avoid incurring high energy bills and keep your HVAC in good condition if your windows have a problem.

2. You Feel Unsafe

If your windows have large cracks, you feel unsafe. You will keep worrying that an intruder could enter your home through the window. Also, broken windows can cause injuries, especially to young kids and pets. 

Instead of risking your safety, look for a residential glass window repair company to fix your window. Your home should be your safe space. Therefore, you shouldn't have to worry about your safety. 

3. There Is Water Damage

Damaged windows allow water to get into your home. With time, it may cause mold growth and damage your building. Water also creates ugly spots on walls, which makes them less attractive.

If there are signs of water damage or you see water leaking through the window when it's raining, call a residential window glass repair expert immediately. It will save you from expensive repair costs in the future. It will also save you and your family from health problems caused by mold.

4. Your Windows Are Foggy

It's normal for windows to get foggy from time to time. But if they get foggy frequently, there might be gaps that allow air to get in or out of your home. For example, the window seal may be broken, letting cold air get between your window panes, and making them foggy. 

Cold air not only makes your home inefficient but also causes window frame damage. Call a residential window repair expert to inspect the window and identify why your windows are getting foggy.