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Repairing Or Replacing Window Glass In Your Commercial Building Prevents The Spread Of Damage

Windows are usually the weakest part of a building. This is true even if you have impact windows. Impact windows may not crack and fall out, but they can be chipped. If you own a commercial building, there's a chance you'll need to have a window glass repaired or replaced at some point. Here are things to know about commercial window glass repair.

When Repairs May Be Possible

If a chip or small crack is in the center of the glass, and it isn't too big, the contractor may be able to fill the damaged area to stabilize it. Repairs to glass aren't usually invisible even though the filler is clear. The surface of the repairs may be polished so the surface feels flat, but you may still notice a slight imperfection in the area.

However, it could be worth it to put up with an imperfection that will probably go unnoticed rather than go through the disruption of replacing the glass. The contractor will recommend the right approach for the type of damage your window has sustained.

When Glass Replacement Is Necessary

If the damage is near the edge or a place that makes the window structure vulnerable, replacing the glass is probably the right move. Also, if the crack is large or the chip has lines radiating out over a large area, replacing the glass makes the most sense.

While you want your windows to look their best, the most important consideration when it comes to window glass damage is the risk of the damage spreading and causing the glass to fail. If there is any risk of glass failure, the contractor will recommend replacing the glass. They may remove the window from the building to do this, and they may need to cover the window with plywood to protect your building until the work is completed.

When Expert Help Is Necessary

Although it isn't the best idea, you can buy glass repair kits and repair chips yourself if the window is at ground level. If you have a high-rise building, repairing a window is dangerous work. You'll need trained professionals to handle this hazardous task.

The contractor needs to work from scaffolding high off the ground where the wind can be strong. However, repairing or replacing a leaky or broken window is important when it's on a higher level since it's subjected to harsher environmental conditions and the risk of the damage spreading is greater.

Whether your damaged glass is on ground level or higher, call a commercial window glass repair contractor for help so you don't have to worry about the damaged glass being a security or safety issue for your building. 

For more info about window glass repair, contact a local company.