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2 Signs Your Home Windows Have Seals That Need Repair

While reviewing your home's heating and air conditioning costs, you may have discovered that they are slowly rising. If the rates have not gone up and your household has not increased its usage, one possible problem could be with your home's windows.

If you do not see any overt signs of damage like cracks or gaps, it is possible that the seals around the panes of glass are worn or damaged. Below are a couple of signs to look for when trying to determine if you need to have the seals repaired by a professional

1. Cold or Hot Drafts Are Felt Whenever You Walk by the Windows

One sign that the seals on your home's windows need repairing is the presence of cold or hot drafts. Whenever you walk by the windows, you may feel air blowing that you cannot otherwise find the source of.

If this is the case, the seals may no longer be able to serve as a barrier between the sections where the glass and frames meet. Even a small area of damage can let a lot of exterior air in, which can make your heating and air conditioning systems work harder to compensate for the changes in temperatures in these areas.

2. Interior Glass of the Windows Has a Constant Layer of Fog

Along with drafts, another sign that the window seals are damaged is the presence of fog on the interior glass. This fog may consistently appear in the evenings or mornings when the temperature changes outdoors rapidly decrease or increase.

Because of the rapid temperature changes and the difference between the outdoor and indoor air, condensation will form on the glass. If the seals are not repaired by a professional, this condensation will cause future issues. Such issues that may occur are further damage to the seals, weakening of the frame, and even the formation of mold.

If you do not find any noticeable damage but do feel air coming in through foggy windows, the seals around the glass panes have most likely been damaged. If not fixed, your energy costs will rise, and the excess moisture will cause further damage to the seals and frame. Before these issues become problematic, contact a company in your area that offers home window repair services to have them inspect the windows to verify seal damage so that they may take the appropriate steps to fix it.

For more information about home window repair, contact a local company.