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Top 4 Signs of a Poor Windshield Replacement Job

If you have previously been involved in an accident that left cracks on your windshield, chances are you already sought windshield replacement. Rightly so as driving around with a cracked windshield increases your chances of getting involved in another accident.

However, in the desire to save money, you may have replaced the windshield yourself, and now you're wondering if the job was done right. Here are four telltale signs your windshield installation was incorrect.  

Your Windshield Looks Wavy

One of the easiest ways to tell a loose windshield is to look at it while driving. Do you see a wavy pattern or bumps that impede your visibility? In most cases, this occurs when the auto-glass is of low quality or when the windshield has shifted.

When the windshield is slightly shifted, you may be tempted to align it yourself. However, this is risky, and any mistake can cause more misalignment, damage, and even leaks. The best option is to seek the services of a professional windshield company. They can properly install and replace the auto glass if needed. 

The Windshield Makes Strange Noises at High Speeds

Can you hear a 'whooshing' or similar sound when driving at higher speeds? It might be easy to dismiss that as noise coming from your open windows. Therefore, consider closing all windows and shutting off your radio, and if you can still hear the noise, there's a problem. 

Generally, this noise is the sound of wind getting in through the crevices and cracks of your incorrectly installed windshield. The strength of the noise will depend on how poorly the installation was done. Luckily, a professional installer can fix the frame and reinstall the auto glass to eliminate all noises. 

There Is Seepage

A windshield is designed to be completely airtight. Thus, when your windshield seeps during heavy rains or at the car wash, there is cause for alarm. In most cases, this happens when a sub-par adhesive is used or when the glass isn't correctly attached to your car. 

The good thing is, as long as the auto glass is in good condition, a reinstallation by a professional installer will work just fine. This combined with using a high-quality adhesive will ensure the seeping is a thing of the past. 

You Can Still See Your Old Adhesive

This is a common problem among DIY windshield installers. While rushing to finish the job, you don't take time to scrape away the entire old adhesive before applying a new one.  As a result, the bond between the pinch weld and the windshield is weak, and your new windshield may not be fully weatherproof. 

Unfortunately, this issue cannot be fully solved while your new windshield is still in place. An expert installer will remove it, clean out the old seal, and install it afresh.