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Should You Repair Or Replace Your Car Door Window?

Damaged side windows require prompt repairs. The following can help you determine whether to repair or replace.

Chips and Scratches

Chips are dings in the glass where little pits form, whereas scratches are visible etches on the glass. Both should be considered major damage as moisture can be trapped inside the chip or scratch. If the moisture freezes, it will expand and a crack can form.


Car door windows are often chipped or scratched from the inside, usually as a result of the seat belt banging or scraping against the window when it is released and allowed to retract wildly. The glass can also become damaged from banging or brushing against repeatedly each time you get into or out of the car. The exterior glass may become damaged from rock debris hitting the road as you drive, or it may get scratched from using abrasive cleaners on the glass. 

Repair or Replace?

In many cases, damage can be repaired if you have it addressed as soon as you notice it. Small chips and scratches can be filled with a special resin polymer that prevents the damage from becoming larger. If chips are deep or large, or if there is extensive scratching, then it is better to have the window replaced rather than attempt a repair.


Cracks are a more severe type of damage. They can cover the entire surface of the window, or they may only traverse a few inches.


Causes of cracks are the same as those that lead to scratches and chips, which means rock chips and seat belt usage mistakes can lead to the more major damage that is a crack. Blunt force is also a common cause for cracks, such as from hail or an attempted car break-in. 

Repair or Replace?

Unlike with rock chips and scratches, repairs are much less likely when it comes to a crack. Very small cracks, typically those less than a couple of inches in length, may be candidates for repair, but generally, it will be necessary to have the entire side window replaced. If a window has been completely shattered, the auto glass service will take the time to make sure all the glass particles are removed from inside the car as well as from inside the door before replacing the glass. This ensures that the window operates properly once it is installed.

Contact an auto glass service for more help with the side window on your vehicle.